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Super Glide Drying Rack

Super Glide Drying Rack

Great for drying fleeces--outside in the wind, in the winter over heating vents, and to dry a lot at...

AS OF JUNE 2015,






The Super Glide Picker was designed and built out of frustration with the limitations of what was available on the market, and then a dream of what I wanted and needed in a fine fiber picker...
from an actual fiber person's point of view!


At any given time, I have between 80 and 100 both suri and huacayas alpacas & guanacos. My fiber needs to be picked fast, easy and safe, and without shreading it apart.

So I personally designed, patented and now (five designs and models later), build each and every Super Glide Picker myself. The Super Glide Picker is designed and built to do fine fibers and wools, including suri.


Your ideal "dream come true" fiber picker:




  • Available in maple or oak hardwood, stained your choice of colors
  • Blind dovetail corners
  • Handmade table glides, smooth action for easy use; glides rated 200 lbs. weight-bearing
  • Handmade picker comb
  • Safety lock and pin
  • All hand-sharpened picking points; smooth, won't rip or snag your fibers, pulls your fibers through the points



  • Use clean, washed fleece
  • Keep in dry clean area~
  • Wipe with clean damp cloth and towel-dry; use wood wax/oil a few times a year on all wood parts.


The Super Glide Picker comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You may return the picker within 30 days of receipt, in original shipping packaging and box, for a full refund, less shipping charges both ways.

And it's not just a great picker, it's a great looking piece of furniture you will be proud to have in your home or workshop.

Want to share the investment? Many of our customers rent or lease their picker; co-own with other fiber artists and producers or purchase for use by fiber guilds. We also sell to micro/mini fiber mills and large fiber herd owners.

With the faster production capable with your Super Glide Picker, you will quickly recoup your investment, turning wasted, stored bags of fiber into viable and valuable product.

The Super Glide Picker is the best choice for cottage industry production!